MUSMI JEWELby Giuseppe La Greca

A engineering jewel is forever.
This project is inspired by something I'm madly in love with: the Musmeci bridge, built in the 60s by the great engineer Sergio Musmeci, in Potenza. Something that just shakes my soul. It is irresistible. In those years, it was thought that it was too difficult, even impossible, to build such a structure. Yet difficult is only one word for someone who is truly insane.
Musmi Jewel is a jewel. A gold bracelet, integrated on the logic of engineering that is entirely inspired by the bridge and its wonderful shapes: in the center, its unmistakable stretch that masterfully supports the distributed load of the emerald green stone. The lower part of the bracelet shows itself in its intimacy. A striking metal armor that symbolizes the unmistakable structural material of the bridge: reinforced concrete.
A tribute to a great engineer.

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