Artemis -Cybernatic Organism-by Sengjoon Song

Sci-Fi Female Cyborg Figure: Cybernatic Organism Artemis AA 3057 I wanted to make a fully functional and animated 3D model of this particular project because I have been interested in how this 3D model shows in a reel and how it transforms when moving. Through this fully functional and animated 3D model, I intended to show the underlying mechanisms of how some of her body parts can open up and carry out specific functions. For instance, hatches on her thigh open up to shoot tiny missles carried inside. Before I began animating this 3D model, I took my time to collect and look at various references to incorporate into my own work. My biggest inspiration came from "Vadim's Nox 2292." Just recently, I've started collaborating with Jason Woosung Kang, a young and talented motion graphic artist, to enhance and improve upon my original project. Jason is currently developing GUI elements and compositing for this project. We hope to complete our project by the beginning of April and submit our finalized results in the Annual Spring Show 2014. For more rendered images with wireframe shots, please visit my website: and also Jason Woosung Kang's website for his motion graphic works:

Staff pick for 22nd March 2014

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