Minerby chenyi

Mine accident may happen at any place and any time, but there are still a crowd of people holding their positions. This work is dedicated to those who work hard in dangerous surroundings, conveying best wishes to you. I completed the model of the character using Zbrush, and created all hair by means of Fibermesh. Then Fibermesh as a curve was imported into 3ds Max, thereby generating Hair System. Next, I baked some maps in Zbrush (for example, Displacement, AO, Cavity, Mask By Smoothness, Mask PeaksAndValleys), then importing these maps into MARI to draw Diffuse. Finally, 3DSMAX and Vray were used to finish rendering. I hope that you all like the work and pay attention to these hard-working people.

Staff pick for 31st July 2016

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