Elegant kitchen projectby Archviz.Studio
Elegant kitchen projectby Archviz.Studio

Design idea for an elegant kitchen project. The color of the design is in white-blue tones that visually enlarge the space. The ceiling is blue; the floor is marble tiles with blue splashes. They are darker in color than the walls and balance the shape of the room. Kitchen facades and walls in a solid white shade. The composition is decorated with a dark marbled round table. Blue chairs are vivid accents in the interior. The kitchen is beautifully decorated with a chandelier with a lot of pendants, which makes it look airy and delicate. All these details and tones give the interior a delicate, graceful and elegant look.
The lighting of the working area and the main lighting are installed. Illumination of the working area, that is, the tabletop, is created by LED backlighting. The main lighting is created by spotlights along the perimeter of the ceiling.

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