Beauty and the Beastby vichar

Beauty and the Beast La Belle et La Bete (French for The Beauty and the Beast)- However cliched the title might be, this work of art has been inspired by the very thought of freeing ourselves from the cliche. Prejudice and stereotypes become part of our system from an early age. I see babies and young kids marvel at everything about everybody around. But as they grow the typecasting sets in, ironically, taught by us as parents, peers, friends and teachers. I dream of a world with the vision that each one of us has beyond the pigeon hole, a vision that considers and appreciates the unconventional thought processes and approaches. With this piece of my work I wish to take a step towards that vision. At the first sight, our banality makes us assume that the girl(human) in here is being referred to as the beauty and the scary crocodile is the beast. At this point I would urge you to take a step back and consider that it was meant the other way around. Challenging right! Surface never always delivers the complete truth. Each year we humans hunt and kill thousands of crocodiles for their skin, which is considered beautiful and art. I look at it as the beast inside us all destroying the beauty for our futile anecdote.

Staff pick for 20th August 2015

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