The portrait of Willem Dafoeby JeaniseLun

Hi, this is my first post and I like to share with you my latest work, likeness sculpt and renders of Willem Dafoe. His role in John Wick 1 had inspired me and I decided to portrait him in an expression than is contrary to how most people remember him, wicked Green Goblin. I sculpted him in Zbrush, rendered in Vray. It's my first time using V-ray and also Maya X-gen, I have to say that I really enjoy them, even though there was lots of tumbles along the way. Clothings are from Marvelous Designer then finalised in Zbrush. I also used Texturing XYZ zbrush brushes for skin detailing. Brows and eyelashes were also made with fibermesh. Thanks for looking and I hope you like it. Any thoughts and comments are most appreciated.

Staff pick for 11th April 2017

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