Untitledby Piotr Fox Wysocki

I decided to do something crazy, namely to check how much a simple workstation can handle. The idea was to create exact models just like in real life. That means no displacement, just pure gometry. And it was a modelling experiment, to see if it's worth to suffer so much. I realized it would be too simple to create a character. So I asked my wife, Marta Wysocka, to make an amazing helmet based on LOTR movie.
While she was working on it, I was working on clothes. And there was something missing in the fabric. When I saw her helmet I had to do something like she was doing. So I did the brooch. And it was a really small object compared to her helmet. After that I have hudge respect for her
Anyway, finally we finished our family project
In the making of this character I used maya and after zbrush for details of mouth and around the eyes. Textures in photoshop. To create cloth I used maya cloth, and maya fur. As far as I remember there were 1 300 000 small hair in the fabric. Also tiny hair on the face, but I don't remember right now how much. Long story short, I tried to do everything exactly as it is in the real life. It's up to you to decide if we've reached our goal. One thing is for sure - I can't do that better

Staff pick for 20th December 2006

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