WARFROGby Andrés Gómez
WARFROGby Andrés Gómez

Hey guys! I would like to share with you my latest project
that has served as an example to improve my knowledge about light texture and rendering
in the mentoring classes that I've been doing for a while with the great George Damiani.
The concept was a re-design of André Forni's art, I added all the armor
and accessories to make a scene with more personality and a certain humorous charge.
I hope you like the result.
Modeling: Andrés José Gómez Pérez
Lighting, Texture, Shading, Post Production: Andrés José Gómez Pérez
Supervition / Mentorship of Illumination, Texture, Shading and Post Production: George Damiani
I want to thank George Damiani who helped me with this project,
giving me all the necessary tools to perform the lighting, texture, render
and post production.

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