Malachi - Retro to Modernby vickgaza

The exercise of this piece was to pick a char/creature from a retro game and uprez it to current gen while still keeping faithful to the original design of the character. I picked a sprite from Castlevania with a Cthulu-esque monster called Malachi and did my take on it. Special thanks to my partner Eva Seyeux for the constant honest feedback and for hyping me up to push hard and finish ! General Info: 4k map for body and 2k map for accessories, around 90k triangles for body and 16k triangles for accessories SSS shader + detail map on normal buffer , rendered in Marmoset Toolbag Sculpted in ZBrush and Textured almost entirely in Substance Painter. Retopology and UVs done in Maya and baked and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Thanks for checking it out, Vick.

Staff pick for 7th July 2018

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