Hang In There "Little friendship"by syedjafri
Hang In There "Little friendship"by syedjafri

Hi Guys,
Here is personal project project i was working on in my free time after VFS, It also includes the progress and reference sheet and inspiration as well,
Everything has been hand painted in zbrush then refined in substance painter, displacement and normals were the main way to derive all the physical details
Has been following the production pipeline too keep it simple, really enjoyed learning alot of new stuff on my own and been keeping self notes and critics from other artists to make it better, ill be doing another photo replication in my next time,
I hope you guys like it,
these are more likely straight out renders with no post effects added.
I still have to learn alot about the post effects in nuke.
Took me roughly two weeks to finish from start to end and have used Zbrush, Maya, Xgen, Substance Painter, Redshift
for high res

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