Hippie Bus Apocalypseby Logans

It has been almost three weeks to complete it. I've had stored in my hdd for a long time a concept by David Smit (https://davidsmit.myportfolio.com/hippie-illustrations), because I loved the colors and the scene composition in every piece that he made, and the hyppie bus apocalypse was one of my favourites, I based my 3d work in his concept art. I got some time off and I decided to bring it into 3D. From scratch I decided to kept the scene closest as possible to the simplicity of the model and composition. All textures has been painted by hand avoiding to use some photograph references. The idea was try to mimic a concept into 3D but using a pbr materials, procedural noises and painted textures. I'm particularly happy with the result! Hope that you like it!

Staff pick for 15th July 2016

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