I Wish the Wizarding World Was Real!by PietroB

This is my entry for Pixar's Renderman Magic Shop Challenge. I am proud to announce that my art received an honorable mention in the competition.
I Wish the Wizarding World Was Real!
"I had the most amazing dream this night! I dreamed I was a witch! Not a bad witch like those hollywood like to portray. I was in a world that magic existed, where incantations came out of the tip of special wooden wands, where you could "swish and flick" and make things levitate with ease, where a simple tap would fix anything that got broken, except for hearts, those are hard to mend. What did I do in my dream? I embraced my new magical life. I began using spells for everything! My first attempt was filling a glass with water, well, I nailed it, but I won't say that the floor was totally dry after that. Next, I laid back on the sofa but the TV remote was on top of the coffee table, me, being lazy, simply flicked my wand and there it was, right in my hands. That was awesome! What else could I do? Could I teleport? Well, I tried to go to Rome in an instant, it didn't work though. Perhaps I still didn't figure out how to do it. The next thing I started to think about is if I should tell my parents about my new skills. Unfortunately, some questions were left unanswered, the dream ended and I woke up.
I wonder why I dreamed about that though...maybe because of that weird antique shop we visited yesterday on our trip, it had loads of mysterious and mystical objects laying around. If only I had bought that lovely wand I found on the floor...But that shop gave the creeps, it felt so abandoned, yet so alive... I had some fun pretending I was a real witch though. Dang, I wish the wizard world was real!"
Mathilda model by Xiong Lin and rig by Leon Sooi. Pixar models by Eman Abdul-Razzaq, Grace Chang, Ethan Crossno, Siobhán Ensley, Derrick Forkel, Felege Gebru, Damian Kwiatkowski, Jeremy Paton, Leif Pedersen, Kylie Wijsmuller, and Miguel Zozaya © Disney/Pixar - RenderMan "Magic Shop" Art Challenge

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