Valley of the Monkeysby m3dve

Hello Everyone! I would like to show you my recent project that I have been working on for a while, called Valley of the Monkeys. The rough idea came from a project that I made in the office a few months ago. It was a beautiful Zen garden with a small pavilion in the middle. I really enjoyed working on a project like that and found extremely interesting to create a Zen garden. So I decided to make my own mysterious garden... I spent a lot of time searching for references, thinking about the project and designing how each image should look in the end. The research part took almost the same amount of time as producing the final images :) The biggest challenge was to create a kind of story-line using architecture, weather and environment together. Each image has a different mood and atmosphere. Our view moves from inside towards the outside. Zooming out until the third shot allows to see everything. Softwares I used: 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop, I made the trees with Speedtree. Thanks for watching and feel free to visit my facebook fan page :)

Staff pick for 3rd March 2011

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