Cloned to be Differentby m3dve

Hi Guys, This project created as a live lecture for one of my best friend who wanted to taste into the world of archviz during his 3 weeks visit. Looking back now I can not imagine how he managed to stay awake on those many long nights, taking notes and making coffee . Instead of giving him a boring introduction about the program tools I wanted to involve him in the creation process by brainstorming, creating graphical elements, being the clipart model, making up the title and even writing this text . The seed of this concept was in my mind well before the actual start. As a first phase we spent a week researching references and detailing the idea then the actual modelling work could be started. The most challenging part was the clip art. The concept features look-alike (cloned) people but as a contradiction they had to be shown in a natural way. We took nearly 500 photos to select the most suitable ones. Hopefully we managed to catch this special morning feel in a near future metropolis where many similar people live their life... Best, Tamas For some extra closer shots pls visit here:

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