Isla de La Costa is my first project using the amazing Unreal Engine 4. I'm astonished by how powerful and flexible the engine really is. The environment was created from scratch using Megascans, tools provided by Unreal and some pre-made models textured in Substance Painter. It's not that big of a scene, and my goal was to tryout the engine and get the grip on how real-time rendering works, I can say I'm impressed. I also experimented by creating 3 different styles of lighting: daytime, sunset and nighttime, which was extremely interesting to do. There are some technical issues I need to learn how to fix, specially on close-up shots of the wave hitting the sand, however, it was a fun first project to experiment with Unreal, and perhaps those issues might not even happen on the newer version of the Engine.

Amidst a time where being at home is what we've been doing most of our days, my inspiration was to create a small island away from all this chaos we're living in, and creating it was very immersive, it was my way of escaping reality and the final result is the portrait of the times that all I wanted was to be on a calm and peaceful island, away from all of this mess.

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