Exploration Exploitationby arqui9

Hello to all the community. This piece a tribute to my infancy and all the Sci-Fi movies I watched and adore to this day, be it Blade Runner, Star Wars or the even later Prometheus (there?s a little homenage in there if you can find it and a couple of other references to other things that have influenced my life, London etc). The visual aspect of these films have stayed in my mind, even throughout all my architectural course. I wanted to create a world that was halfway between something earth like and outer earth. The initial working title I think explains the work best. It was initially called ?Exploration?, of both the storey line and the techniques involved, thus turning into a more suiting ?Exploitation?, which reflects a little of what goes on in the world today with natural resources/mining and ecological factors. This piece and visual later developed into a full matte painting video - http://vimeo.com/45989870 Hope you all enjoy! Cheers Pedro

Staff pick for 29th September 2014

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