Lunch Crunch Sketches - Luke Starkie Fan Artby KC-Production

Since I love doing speed sculpts before going to bed. I wanted to tribute to a good mate from MPC London. I am a huge fan of his work, for me his designs are pure stunning and I wanted to sketch out some good doodles contributing to his work. Nothing too exciting sculpting wise just something inbetween other projects, like always..^^ Going to upload timelapses soon, but somhow they are super laggy.. I have worked with Luke Starkie around 6 months on shows like Godzilla, Underwater and Pokemon at MPC London. It was a real pleasure and I hope to work with him again by any chance. Go check out his amazingness! Ogre: Alien: Luke Starkie Artsation: Also check out the amazing toonshader from Dave Hansan: Hope you guys enjoy. Happy sculpting! smiley #pixologic #zbrush #concept #doodle

Staff pick for 29th June 2018

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