"Forest Wyvern" by Alexander Ostrowskiby 3dtotal Publishing

Creating engaging and believable creature designs is an exciting yet challenging feat. The monsters, aliens, and fantasy beasts that grace our TV and cinema screens represent the hard work and dedication of a team of incredibly talented concept artists and designers.

Fundamentals of Creature Design aims to unlock their world and introduce the essential skills behind creating movie- and videogame-quality designs. Covering key topics such as animal anatomy, functionality, color, and shape language, as well as ideation and research techniques for developing unique, compelling, and authentic designs, this expansive book is a comprehensive, timeless volume packed full of advice from some of the most impressive and renowned artists working in this field today.

Contributors include concept artists who have worked on the Marvel films and for the highly revered Weta Workshop (The Lord of the Rings film trilogy) and Aaron Sims Company (Stranger Things).

Get your copy of Fundamentals of Creature Design here: https://bit.ly/3rwmJX2

Artwork © Alexander Ostrowski

Staff pick for 28th July 2021

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