What are you building, Stark?by Victor Hugo Queiro

Ahoy! So, I can't believe that I've finished this one! hahaha! The original idea was to reproduce one of the "Armor Wars" cover, but it looks that I've changed a little my mind during the project. This one was a awesome challenge, because I've never modeled a car and neither an Iron Man armor (ok, I didn't modeled exactly the movie armor, but something, ahn... "between"). Another good challenge was to give some tries on 3ds max Hair and Fur - and damn, it is quite impressive! =) I would like to thanks to my friends at TechnoImage for the tips, and for my beloved wife for helping me with some tips too and of course, for her pacience! =D (oh, and don't forget to check it out my blog for a HR version!) "Tony Stark was able to build this in A CAVE! With a BOX OF SCRAPS!" -Obadiah Stane

Staff pick for 27th November 2011

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