Hi ! The Lego Movie was a very inspirational film for me. So I wanted to create a 3D scene in Legos. I search many forums, interviews from Animal Logic and their workflow. And here it is ! I thought create an epic scene of geek culture could be great. Meanwhile my research I found this epic bowser made in real legos and I said to myself : wow. This mecha bowser was very inspirational for me to create the design for bowser. I started with Lego DIgital Designer and I create every assets of my final picture. After that, I created inside maya, every single brick I've used in LDD. More than 150 different bricks ! A friend make me a very great script which take the location, rotation and number of the brick from LDD to maya. WIth that I was able to reconstruct what I did inside LDD in maya with my own bricks (the bricks from LDD are not very clean...) So, the scene dressing, the posing, the lighting and shadering started ! My materials are very simple, only a base color with a map of specular and for some a tiny sss effect. Mario, Bowser, the bridge, the castle, the clouds and the moon were rendered separetly in differents render layers. I rendered passes like diffuse, spec, light RVB, AO, depth, ID material... First in 480p to see if everything worked and to create a base comp in AE. It took 5 hours for the final 2K resolution. Finally I did the compositing in After effect (I'm more productive with it than photoshop) with the 480p images and (as AE work in a dynamic way) I had just to remplace the 480p by the 2K images. I did some final adjustments and... voila ! Thanks for watching !

Staff pick for 4th November 2014

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