Heritageby Marek Denko

After 2 months of summer time I've finish my next work. I call it Heritage. I spent on it like 2 months
in the evenings and nights with quite big pauses during the summer (vacation, work etc). I tried to achieve lighting in the time bit after sunset when intesity of sky is still strong but shadows are no more sharp but soft and diffuse. Why Nuclear heritage? Don't worry I'm not one of the greenpeace guys :o). I just love the old broken dark atmosphere with a bit of romance inside.
Very first inspiration came from Stalker movie. I think it is one of last takes when whole family is walking by the shore of the lake with Nuclear powerplant in the distance. My one is quite different and I put a different story into it and now it is
up to you guys to find out. I hope it's clear.

All is done in 3dsmax8 and rendered in Vray. Whole scene is modeled and rendered as geometry.
Rendering this scene took a lot of time, something like 60 hours on my laptop in 2k resolution.
Mostly because it is a very large scene (2km maybe more) with a lot of detailed geometry, displacement, translucency and reflections
so Raytracing is becoming really hell-like slow. I just wanted to have it all in 3d and now I'll try to optimize it for animation with replacing
as many objects as possible with prerendered mattes and maybe in the future I'll produce a short animation

Staff pick for 14th January 2007

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