Warriorby Alberto Aragonés
Warriorby Alberto Aragonés
Warriorby Alberto Aragonés
Warriorby Alberto Aragonés

The main goal of this project was to step out of my comfort zone, which is the animation industry , and create a realistic look with the highest possible quality.

- The first thing I did was modeling and create the UVs.

- Using ZBrush I made the displacement information of the details that gave the character his personality, such as his
wrinkles and expression lines.

- In Mari and using the XYZ textures I created the high, mid and low displacement information separately . With the help of the displacement I created the diffuse, which I use to obtain the rest of the necessary channels: specular, roughness, metalness, bump...

- Using Substance I made masks of the different layers of the helmet information i.e.: dirt, blood, dust, rust) that I later used in Mari to play with procedural nodes and therefore work with a non destructive workflow.

- I created ID masks that allowed me to have more control over the different parts in the Lookdev phase (Arnold).

- Using Nuke I made the last tiny color adjustments , as well as the composition and integration of the final image.

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