Sindyby Daniela Maiorana

Character based on Hoon SoonSang's amazing Sindy's concept:
This was a very challenging project:
On the bright side it was my very first time on Maya, therefore every new task was an amazing discovery, everything was new and interesting and kept my mind very focused.
On the other side... well it was my very first time on Maya! It took me a while to learn and understand the interface and performing simple actions took me longer than it should have.

This was also my very first grooming experience with Xgen, for this I am immensely grateful to my mentor: Francesco Lupo
I tried to match the reference hair as much as I could, even though I decided to leave the fibers width and lenght a bit "thicker" than it would be on a realistic hair style since the character was half-cartoon styled.

(Please view the render in its original square format)

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