Jerome Draper_Father of the Draperstomeby Suhruth Yambakam
Jerome Draper_Father of the Draperstomeby Suhruth Yambakam

"Hi guys! ",Jerry says... Oh no! Jerome says hi to you all ( he doesn't like calling him Jerry , but I do call him).

Process :
Actually I'm following the workflow of CG Cookie 's Creating Realistic Human Potrait in Blender. As the tutorials were made in blender 2.6x ,I have to change some thing accordingly.I also used zbrush to create my base mesh with which I retopologized, sculpted details ,textured, rendered and finally composited in blender.

Character Backstory :
Professor Jerome Draper is the famous tutor at the Continental School of Drapers in Bullbilium at Brusthalamus (called the Draperstome).He did his PhD at Haowntoqn University of Jadervillas.

At the age of 12 his parents met with an accident and died. He was self grown as a server in Anju's Cafe in Vasete street and completed his graduation himself. He is now teaching numerous amount of students at Draperstome.

Credits :
=> Thanks to Ktrammell from CG cookie for the workflow.
=> Blender GURU for his amazing inspiring tutorials

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