'Spokesman Georges Felasio'by anthonie

This is my latest artwork. In this project I wanted to create a nice elegant older man that would live in the golden age. Not only did I get inspired by the golden age itself, but also people like Rembrandt and other painters. When I see images of them, I feel a mood from it that I want to create in my own way and style. Everything was modelled in Maya, Max and some parts "updetailed" in ZBrush. The textures were made using Photoshop where I combined texturing and handpainting. Everything was rendered using 3ds Max and Mental Ray. The hairs were done in a seperate pass. Final corrections, DOF were done in Photoshop as well. Some seamfixing was done with bodypaint. I hope my viewers like it! Anthonie

Staff pick for 7th November 2008

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