APEX the robotby alvaroclaver

Hello there! I created this piece for my demo reel at Think Tank Training Centre. It's been a long long year full of hard work, long hours on the computer learning new skills, laughing, struggling and pushing limits as never before. I have been far from home but met many people that now I can call friends. It's been an incredible journey. Thanks to everyone that helped me: now I am ready to go where there be dragons! I have always been a huge fan of robots like Transformers and Robocop (hey, I grew up in the 80s), so when I saw this cute robot I contacted the artist immediately. Dan was really excited about collaborating so I flew to California to meet him and take photos and videos for reference. Thanks to this piece I got to convince Justin Holt (Chappie, Elysium) to be my mentor and guide me through the process. After modeling and unwrapping the UVs I came up with 63 UDIMs sorted by materials. This was a huge challenge as it was my first time dealing with UVs in that scale, but thankfully I had Mari to handle this complexity and make my life easier. When it comes to texturing for film choosing Mari is a no brainer: I know exactly how my textures are going to look thanks to the V-ray shader, plus it can handle heavy models. I did the lookdev with V-ray for Maya, lit the scene and fine tunined the maps to get the model to look and feel like the original. You can see the reel here https://vimeo.com/200257492 Thanks for reading! Alvaro

Staff pick for 4th February 2017

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