2318:Rebirth, Part 10.by Edit Ballai

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2318:Rebirth, Part 10. "AWEKENING"

'Tyler looked at me as he handed me the cup. 
"How much do you remember about that night?" 
"Which night?" 
"The night you woke up." 
"Not much. I wasn't sure it wasn't just another dream in Newtopia. It was hard to believe that all this was real. The stolen car, the chase in the district, it's all still a blur. The buildings in that district leaned towards each other like praying fingers in the shape of a pyramid. And the letters and signs... I could not read them. It felt like a dream.” 
"And the Institute? Do you remember the circumstances of the awakening?" 
I put the glass down and closed my eyes from the sudden headache. 
"When I opened my eyes and looked around... I've never seen anything like that Dreaming Chamber, and I don't have the vocabulary to describe it. It looked like a giant octopus. I remember the silence surrounding everything. And fog. And timelessness." 
"Who helped you escape from the Institute?" asked Clover, and I could feel that they were all watching me like a cat watching a mouse hole. 
"I don't know. Only that I trusted that person because she looked familiar from somewhere, from a long time ago," I said and closed my eyes again from the headache. 
"That's enough," Aunt Aliva suddenly interjected.'

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