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This image is part of the Infinite OZ experience - An artistic collaboration that brings to life the world of the Sci-Fi miniseries event, Tin Man. It is best understood by visiting the experience itself at:


The following artists also contributed: Philip Straub, Greg Petchkovsky, Martin Lisec, Gerardo de Gerard, Geoffrey White, Raphael Lacoste, Phil McDarby and Rudolf Herczog. The coordination and final animation was done by B-Reel.
The Milltown Exterior image was all done in Photoshop over a couple of weeks and the final image is about 10000 pixels wide (as are all the
others) to allow for the big zoom. Each of the artists was given a short brief about the environment to create but the rest was up to us using our imagination and interpretation. I am quite proud to have been part of such an amazing group of artists.

Staff pick for 20th October 2007

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