Rajak - The Gentle Giantby emiliestabell

About me: My name is Emilie Stabell. I?m from Denmark and am currently studying for a bachelor in CG Art at The Animation Workshop in Viborg (DK). My main focus is working with characters and concepts where detailed and high quality pieces are my goal. I constantly work to improve my skills and learn new techniques, as I believe challenging yourself will keep you in a dynamic development as an artist. Regarding the future I am hoping to become a part of the gaming industry, working with modeling, texturing and color. About this piece: Meet Rajak, a gentle giant covered in thick green fur who roams the forests of the world. He is a peaceful being who takes care of nature and its inhabitants. The original concept is made by Brandon Tyler Cebenka; it has undergone a few modifications during the process of being turned into 3D, but stays quite true to the original. The light setup is a modified version from FlippedNormals lighting package.

Staff pick for 7th September 2015

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