Untitledby John Wallin Liberto

This is a sketch for the first level in Gears of War when the game starts and you get the first taste of the game play. The task was to get a moody abandoned control room for a prison. Being the first level in the game it was actually one of the latest paintings I made for Gears of War.

Credit to ?Epic games?: Working with Epic on the Gears of War project probably couldn?t get more fun. They used my concept more as an inspiration instead of copying them directly; witch also gave me a lot of freedom to create, without ?moving stairs to the left? and ?painting he sun from the other side?. The first time I saw what they had made my jaw hit the floor, and I understood that I was working on one of the hottest games around!

Credit to Epic Games :

and the game?s site: www.gearsofwar.com

Staff pick for 22nd June 2007

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