alien warriorby kiarash.tamizkar

hey guys. recently i was working for a polish game studio as a freelance artist for this project....several week ago they told me we are looking for an artist to create a alien creature that look like a grasshopper something like a biological warrior soldier,so after i read their story i start concepting this beautiful warrior for them,that was great experience for me to study for all parts of his body,i used several universities entomology articles to understanding grasshopper anatomy (head,jaw....)and all his aspects also deep study on all its requirements like bag or carabiners and all thing a warrior need them in a wild environments....and finally i am so excited that i can show him to you guys and i hope you like him. and as a quick explanation of my workflow,the main body of the creature sculpted in zbrush and some parts like smoke and explosive grenades and gun modeled in zbrush with zmodeler and some of other parts modeled in autodesk 3d max,the backpack and bundles (cloth parts) modeled in marvelous designer and their optimization done in zbrush and base texturing done zbrush but adding details to maps and baking extra maps done in substance painter. i really love to share more photo of him so i will share some its artstation and zbrushcentral links. thanks 3d total team. kiarash tamizkar zbrushcentral link: artstation link:

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