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Like the EC-135 helicopter, I did this Boeing-777 for a commercial where it passes the camera very close in that moment where all the flaps and the gears comes out. The fictional Cantarel-version you see here is a private taste and for my portfolio only.

Modeling, texturing and shading (spot version shaded in MAYA) were done in about 30 days by myself. Research took a lot of time to understand the mechanics of the flaps and gears from photo references only. All sizes of the different parts were compared to other parts to get the right scaling between each other and to get it working properly. The mainbody alone has five 4k textures to include the details. The renderings you see here were rendered by finalRender Stage-1 in 3ds max 9. Rendering time for the first image at 2048x1280 was 8 minutes.

Staff pick for 17th July 2007

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