Wrath, Destroyer of Citiesby CrazyMoon

A dragon based on the amazing Maxim Verehin's artwork. I started this project in 2017 in August and worked on it on and off till now. It was a challenge to myself to learn about creating a cinematic asset. No scan data was used.

There's tons of mistakes and now I would do many things differently, but I think it's time to let it go and move on to other things. I think I could tweak this forever!

Hope you enjoy anyways!

Big thanks to all my colleagues, friends and partner for all the valuable input! Couldn't have done it without them.

10 UDIMS with 4k textures.
Sculpted in ZBrush, retopo done in ZBrush and 3DCoat, Maya for the UVS, textures in Mari and Painter, render in Redshift.
Original concept and design is by the amazing Maxim Verehin: https://www.artstation.c...

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