Rubiusby edgardlops


Hello ! this is my digital sculpture of Rubius that I was making on free time for months .
I think that Rubius needs no introduction lol , so I only want to say that this is a tribute and my token of my gratitude for him because years of entertaiment on youtube .A gift from someone who studied 3d animation to another person that studied 3d animation 😀 .
Something that I admire of Rubius is that although fame , haters and so much hidden problems , he could maintain his humility and expand their Brand to the comics , videogames and tv world , strange situation in any youtuber .
✔ 💻 Software : Zbrush , Maya , Redshift , Photoshop
✔ ⏱ Time : +21 hours at average

✔Shaders for reference : Artem Artificial
✔Model for reference : Ray rig by CGtarian
✔Inspired on Guzz Soarez Sculptures

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