Broccoli Robby Jason Gibson
Broccoli Robby Jason Gibson
Broccoli Robby Jason Gibson

I have always been a fan of 3D models(never done them personally but I thought I'd give it a shot), as a fan on the Zbrush facebook page I stumbled across a post about this contest.

I really want to thank the creators of this contest to inspire me to finally delve into zbrush(who wouldn't want that zbrush liscense).

I still have so much to learn and putting this together has brought joy back into artwork for me. Truly can't express how much it means to get this inspiration from you guys.

The work is done 99.9% in Zbrush(0.1% cropping the export screen grab)

I appreciate any and all criticism( I know some parts aren't quite polished and I may have made my concept a little too humanoid after realizing what this contest may be looking for).

Also a big thanks to the judges, sponsors and creator of this contest.

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