Desirable Future - Better Late Than Neverby Michael Khoo

A THU 2019 Golden Ticket Challenge Entry.
Theme: Desirable Future
Title: Better late than Never

It's 2060. Overpopulation, Mass Deforestation, Pollution, and Construction boomed past expectations. We were almost running into trouble but god gave us a second chance. Scientists found a way to balance CO2 mechanically. Engineers were onto it and finally mass produced these ginormous artificial green to temporary do what the forest does before. They called it LOTUS, as it magnetically levitates and blooms above the sky like a flower petal. But LOTUS can only do so much. It is now time for mankind to step up and start greening things up after all the technological inventions..Whats the point of all these cool inventions and technological advancements if the world is not going to survive.

The image shows a major event launch taking place at the background while the couple who're attending are running late as the guy takes his time in capturing the wonderful moment of sunset over LOTUS.

Well oh well... better late than never, right?

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