Robot in wheelchair

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Date Added: 25th February 2007
I would like to show you my latest work. I was going to create funny picture, but somehow it became sad. I think it's better that way. Well even it's robot beger, it's hard not to feel bad for him. Image is not perfect, but I like it very much.
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Readers Comments
LaserHosen on Tue, 20 September 2011 5:18am
I really like this.
Michael on Sat, 27 August 2011 12:19am
Great composition.
Mike on Tue, 23 August 2011 5:23am
Very cool. Nice work.
Jay on Sat, 13 August 2011 8:23am
Awesome, I almost thought it was a photograph until I remembered the site I am in. You are awesome.
Adnan on Fri, 22 July 2011 6:28am
It made me really sad man........... really sad.... feeling kind of empty.
Centec on Thu, 21 July 2011 8:31pm
great rendering, it looks sub real
Jason on Fri, 01 July 2011 3:06am
This is just too sad... I'm on the edge of tears
Taylor on Tue, 28 June 2011 12:00am
this is cool as sh**
Coyttl_ on Thu, 17 March 2011 7:15pm
Freaking. Amazing.

I find it ironic that he has a *handwritten* sign. Not something 'types' or 'printed'. :D
SarahC on Mon, 07 March 2011 7:32pm
Wow, amazing attention to detail in the texturing, and structure of the robot.

Do you get the textures, bump-maps, and other bits yourself from photography trips?

I was wondering though - isn't the front wheel on the wrong way around?
Duce on Sat, 20 November 2010 8:08am
Nice! I hope i will be able to do something like it, maybe.
Rkee on Thu, 18 November 2010 5:11am
Great work. What program and render engine did you use for it? It looks great.
Ashley on Tue, 16 November 2010 6:54pm
dear god thats awesome all on it own. 10 stars dude.
Vicky89 on Tue, 16 November 2010 3:50pm
same as me
Vedette on Mon, 15 November 2010 3:28pm
Wow. Excellent work. I really felt for the robot, which marks this as a masterpiece. Keep it up
UniteAfrica! on Tue, 02 November 2010 9:44am
I doubt people have considered (even the artist or myself) The full connotation of a notion such as this
Opomon on Fri, 29 October 2010 9:30pm
This is soooo cool! Good job!
Szj on Thu, 14 October 2010 6:00pm
No words ! That is amazing !
It looks like a real life robot !
Shawn on Thu, 14 October 2010 4:13am
I Love Stumble ^^ It Takes Me To Pretty Epic Sites
Diomar on Thu, 14 October 2010 2:34am
cooooollll... :)
Jerry on Mon, 04 October 2010 8:42am
very good very good very good
Steve on Sun, 03 October 2010 6:07pm
Ur cool I do motorcycles,trucks, !
George on Sat, 02 October 2010 9:43pm
That's silly.
Kia on Fri, 01 October 2010 12:46am
This is really inspirational. I stared at it for a long time, and I just now realized that with the nose-dent the face is shaped like a skull!
Anonymous on Wed, 29 September 2010 3:31am
it is "beggar" not "beger"
Andrew Koster on Tue, 28 September 2010 3:18pm
i found your photo a sad reflection of those whom are out of work(myself included)this speaks volumes.more than any political cartoon.
Eric Golden on Tue, 28 September 2010 6:01am
very poignant A sadness as to the state of the robot. An even greater sadness as to the state of human beings. Neither seems to be going anywhere.
Umer on Sat, 25 September 2010 3:29pm
Amazing.. fantastic work keep it up! i like it very much .. i hope i could the same as u .. i like working on 3-D graphics =)
Adeel on Sat, 25 September 2010 9:59am
awesome work, I real amazed to see your rendering and the way u texture that.

im using max with vray to achieve that render but Im not successfull yet... could you please share some thing with us.
Benjamin Brule on Fri, 24 September 2010 4:10pm
Really good. Portrays what is to happen at the end of the robbot age, humanity is coming to an end, and withouth the humansm, robots die, so the robots will have to save the humans to survive.
Frankspotting on Thu, 23 September 2010 7:27pm
Damn! the world is going to hell!
Sonny Roper on Tue, 21 September 2010 10:00pm
i love this its got a role of seriousness in it and i find it kinda funny as well
Jack Frank on Tue, 21 September 2010 6:50am
Made my eyes constantly wander back and forth, due to the images' unusual message with all those contrasting properties.
THE DREAM on Mon, 20 September 2010 6:39am
That's way cool. I thought maybe there should have also been dents on him in addition to the rust spots. But thats a minor issue.
Daniel on Fri, 17 September 2010 6:28pm
lovin'it! thanks!
Jimmy on Fri, 17 September 2010 4:59pm
This robot is begging in the Tokyo underground right? Well that's what the subway map on the wall suggests.

Great artwork, keep up the good work.
Sap095 on Sun, 12 September 2010 11:03pm
omg the robat looks so cute.. this pic is awsome
Thesauce on Sun, 12 September 2010 4:21am
awesome work here
Dadamoid on Sun, 12 September 2010 2:24am
Great work. Very touching.
Hannah Verkamp on Sun, 12 September 2010 2:07am
I love this! (: So cool.
Saman Kazemi on Sat, 11 September 2010 7:05pm
Awesome work, I was convinced this is a photograph. Great ideas. I love the little red bike.
Austin on Tue, 07 September 2010 3:46am
Not perfect? hell, i thought it was real!
Roy on Mon, 30 August 2010 5:26pm
I like it!
It really looks great.

This is the kind of art I would pay for to go take a look at instead of the current artflow they present in most galleries.
Cian on Mon, 30 August 2010 12:23am
its thats animation then cartoons are real
Young on Sun, 29 August 2010 12:51pm
Can i share this to my friends?
Blarg on Sat, 28 August 2010 9:14am
I still think that you built that and took a picture of it even though I know it
Zee on Wed, 25 August 2010 2:13am
I cant stop looking at it! I Love It!
Allie B.!<3 on Mon, 23 August 2010 12:25am
this is awesome! you obviously didnt mean to but it really captures the feelings many americans let alone other people in other countries feel these days!

wayht to go! keep up the awesome work!
Mike Hawkins on Sun, 22 August 2010 2:10am
Robo Hobo?
Koffi on Sun, 22 August 2010 12:24am
i want this for a desktop background D:
F00tfaces on Sat, 21 August 2010 4:10pm
Its amazing wow! well done,really awesome its awesome artwork!!!
Sebastian on Thu, 19 August 2010 3:57pm
it's very cool, but it is sad because of the robot.
Gaby on Sun, 15 August 2010 4:54pm
is this drawn or a photo?
Rezza on Sun, 15 August 2010 9:20am
Jonathan Stead on Sun, 15 August 2010 12:37am
I think it's quite brilliant.
CoySmithy on Sat, 14 August 2010 11:51pm
Wow. I also thought this was a real life model that you had made. Bravo, friend. Excellent excellent work.
Troy on Fri, 13 August 2010 2:55am
incredible art should be compelling to the eye. it should also make you think.

i can see this as the future...war torn robots stricken to panning for their own welfare.

wonder what happened to us...

this is compelling art. good job mate.
Judith on Thu, 12 August 2010 11:07am
This is amazing, keep up the good work mate!
Andrzej on Thu, 12 August 2010 5:59am
i don not know if u speak polish but if yes:
pl: To swietna robota, pieknie wypracowany obraz, i te jego oczy !!!!!
en: That's great job, picture elaborated beautifully, and those eyes of his!

Splendid work mate !!!!!
Carlos on Tue, 10 August 2010 2:38am
How is it you have such an imagination? I do like it very much.
Patricia on Sun, 08 August 2010 9:09pm
This is a very cute and sad picture. I feel like I need to give him energy just to liven him up a bit. Question is, what kind of energy does he use?
RowBot on Sun, 08 August 2010 5:59am
The rust in all the right places, the nicks and dents, the foggy EYES... holy DATA, it's beautiful! I did notice the military stripes on the shoulder, nice touch! I would be PROUD to have created this piece of art, and embarassed to have cast aside this robot! I'd give him some rechargables and a recharger!
Eluoci on Sun, 08 August 2010 3:22am
none of sci-fi movies with robots in it made feel sad, but this picture did, really deep man keep it up =))
Fraser on Sat, 07 August 2010 2:19pm
as if thats made in a program...thats amasingly you an idea of what games may look like in the future
Mika on Thu, 05 August 2010 1:38pm
it's amazing keep it up man.
Boobalan on Thu, 05 August 2010 1:24pm
It's good-it's good, buddy.If you think about it complexity is really the only aspect separating us from automatons.It's oneAmazing work.
MaraquanWocky on Thu, 05 August 2010 12:02am
Nice. Lame.
Vladflame on Tue, 03 August 2010 5:03pm
i wanna take him in and fix him up lol, give him some legs and his arm back,get him back to new to start my robot army lol
Cody Allen Crabtree on Fri, 23 July 2010 11:32pm
Hard to believe it was done with a computer program rather than a welder.
The MaD HaCkER on Thu, 22 July 2010 11:45pm
Good concept, Nicly done.
Plm on Thu, 22 July 2010 9:23pm
Great work! But as engineer I have to say this spring made from too thick wire.
Rain on Mon, 12 July 2010 6:48pm
This is great!
Dave on Sat, 10 July 2010 4:45pm
It looks so real!
Jay on Sun, 04 July 2010 5:01am
Very Nice!! Amazing! what 3d software u used? and Render engine?

Yonatan on Fri, 02 July 2010 2:56pm
good jobs design congrats
Kathy Smiley on Wed, 30 June 2010 3:14am
think i might be a smidge too old for this one . . .
I AM BEaSt ;D on Tue, 29 June 2010 7:55pm
that's deep sorta makes me sad you know lol sorry but yeah deep feelings. )=
Wagih on Mon, 28 June 2010 5:54pm
it is woderful to see such amazing pics
Terentarno on Mon, 28 June 2010 6:40am
I thought the welding over the heart was a nice touch. It alludes to the humanity within. Very nice by the way. Everything in the image looks real with the exception of some wires and the sign, but even those are barely noticeable, and I guarantee no one cares. Awesome job ^.^
Incomp on Sun, 27 June 2010 6:32am
Wow. Excellent work. I really felt for the robot, which marks this as a masterpiece. Keep it up.
Dcl on Sat, 26 June 2010 6:55pm
Wolf Callinghawk on Sat, 26 June 2010 5:29pm
wow.... I really do feel bad for the robot. It hink it's partly the fact that he looks like he would have been magnificent in his heyday, but now is reduced to offering favors.

Excellent work!
Paul on Sat, 26 June 2010 2:20pm
Wow, thats nice dude :)
Nico on Sat, 26 June 2010 12:38pm
I printed it and on glossy paper then pinned it to the fridge.
If one asks i'll tell him that i thought it
was worth a photo when i saw that guy at the
Ray on Fri, 25 June 2010 12:31pm
This is EPIC!!! I made it my wallpaper! Amazing!
Jesse Estrella on Wed, 23 June 2010 12:27am
Oh my! I just glimpsed into the future.
automated panhandle!?!
Peter Parsley on Tue, 22 June 2010 9:07pm
I'm not a great thinker when it comes to art of any sort!
But this does make you think!
Steven on Tue, 22 June 2010 7:56pm
Wow! Such high quality details you put in there! Amazing work, keep it up! =)
Kc on Tue, 22 June 2010 10:28am

If you think about it complexity is really the only aspect separating us from automatons.

Its a brilliant piece Pawel, well done!
SOufiane on Mon, 21 June 2010 12:15am
i like's very funny XD
Imran Ali Dina on Sun, 20 June 2010 9:05pm
Its Sweet. :)
Benjamin S Powell on Sun, 20 June 2010 7:36pm
Fantastic work there mate,

I wonder if one day in the future we will be as immune to this site as we are to human beggers?
CaptainXenu on Sun, 20 June 2010 1:37pm
Wow. This is fantastic. At first, I thought it was a photo of something you had built in real life, not just a 3D program.
Peter on Sun, 20 June 2010 5:40am
I like it, well done.
Laura on Sun, 20 June 2010 4:16am
This is fantastic, you really opened up some deep feelings with this. Keep up the amazing artwork.
SHArK on Sat, 19 June 2010 7:42pm
Hey, it's good-it's good, buddy.
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