The Revolutionary

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Date Added: 27th April 2011
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Based off images from the anti-Mubarack protest that happened in Egypt in spring of 2011, this image was a labor of love to make. I was so inspired by the people, young and old who stood their ground and revolted in the face of oppression. Made using ZBrush, textured using Adobe Photoshop, and setup in Maya.
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Readers Comments
Mark Lening Lem Soto Tena on Wed, 22 August 2012 5:47am
where can i find good references for human modeling. Please can you help me, my e-mail is
Tobias on Sat, 18 June 2011 10:34am
When I look closely, i can see the small imperfections, but honestly, when I first saw the image, I thought it was an amazing photograph. Great job, man. Simply amazing.
E-moo (Forums) on Thu, 16 June 2011 3:16pm
This is one of the best 3d renders i have ever seen
ALI Samy on Thu, 16 June 2011 1:08pm
it is very realistic ...
i thought it was a photograph .
i think i have to learn Zbrush ,
this is Amazing .
i respect your work , but i think the brave Libyan people who need our support now .
Egyptian and proud !
SERRY on Tue, 14 June 2011 1:41pm
Thanks Man...u Made me proud of Being Egyptian...
Antares (Forums)
Antares (Forums) on Tue, 03 May 2011 6:55am
Hi Kris,I really like what you did in this work. Besides the technical challenges its the current subject you ve taken to 3D.Good work.Thomas
Remon on Sun, 01 May 2011 12:17pm
this plateau is so wonderful Drawing
Osama on Sun, 01 May 2011 10:17am
Great work for great idea thank you
Ron on Sun, 01 May 2011 9:12am
amazing work!

My only crit would be the background image you used has a lot of grain from the camera. If your can match the grain to your render, they will look seamless.
Fathkareem on Fri, 29 April 2011 12:56pm
amazing design
Alê Martins on Fri, 29 April 2011 7:57am
Wonderful !! So realistic !!
Khaled on Thu, 28 April 2011 2:09pm
From Egypt, Amazing work thumbs up !!
Mina on Thu, 28 April 2011 10:30am
really very good job, good concept. i like your work as all.
LemonW (Forums)
LemonW (Forums) on Thu, 28 April 2011 8:24am
thank you [B]KrisKelly3D[/B] i have watched it before, but i have got some problem in creating the shadow of the hair. So they looked flat.
KrisKelly3D (Forums)
KrisKelly3D (Forums) on Thu, 28 April 2011 8:06am
I'm so honored to be on the front page of a site like 3DTotal. I've been a big fan ever since I knew what 3D was, I truly do appreciate it. It didn't cross my mind that this would cross so many people from Egypt. I truly hope the best for you all!:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
Egyptian on Wed, 27 April 2011 6:27pm
looks like real
very beautiful
keep man
mohamed egyptian
Khadija Atiif on Wed, 27 April 2011 5:15pm
too much great
Karim Essam on Wed, 27 April 2011 11:12am
iam egyptian and i want to tell you some thing about the doll eyes we know that the doll tell us about egyptian revolution and first the people in egypt didnt sleep all the revolutions days
second the government was attacking the Rebels with the
Tear gas.
although your comment is very good and you are Note severe but i dont agree with you in this

thank you and i hope you accept my opinion
Khaled on Wed, 27 April 2011 11:11am
amazing many, my best regards from egypt and saudia arabia
Ahmed Samir on Wed, 27 April 2011 9:50am
I think that who Designed this Image is Professional so I want to know How?
Samuel Jah on Wed, 27 April 2011 6:30am
haha wouw nice work...texturing is really well done keep the good work..:)
Mostafa on Wed, 27 April 2011 4:45am
iam Egyptian guy one of who join what you draw
i was so wonder to found some one feel that from other part of world but i wanna tell you thank you so much
you really do it very will
Martín on Wed, 27 April 2011 4:34am
Wow thats incredible! I love the expresion of his face.
KrisKelly3D (Forums)
KrisKelly3D (Forums) on Tue, 19 April 2011 9:05pm
THX to everyone who posted, I really appreciate both comments and criticisms.@ [B]Psycho Mantis[/B] - I hope the breakdown answered some of your comments, I found some of them counter to what a lot of other people have been saying, but I didn't post it on a forum if I didn't expect any criticism. Thanks the same.The face is A-symmetrical, hard to tell with it at an angle and all the paint on his face. / Scarves don't have sss or translucency, I'm not sure what you were trying to convey, but I used an actual cloth scarf for reference. Cloth could fold in a million different ways though. / The skin does have pores as you can see in the breakdown, a child's skin is much softer, a lot harder to see pores. Of course its hard to see his skin since his entire face is covered in paint.@ [B]maView[/B] - I'm glad you pointed out the old-sad eyes, in the end that was what I really wanted to focus on. Considering these young kids were out there protesting with adults for days at a time, I wanted him to look like this process aged him emotionally.@ [B]LemonW[/B] - If you haven't watch the [B][URL=""]Eat3D portrait production DVD[/URL][/B], you should. That what I used as a base. Here are my settings, they are kind of crude, but they work -[IMG][/IMG]@ [B]polypic[/B] - Congrats on a new future
Poopipe (Forums)
Poopipe (Forums) on Mon, 18 April 2011 10:26pm
cracking stuff.. I'll echo what's been said with regard to the eyes and the red paint but that's the kind of fettling you could spend the rest of your life on.. here's a question many times has that photoset of Anetta Keys featured in a piece of 3d art? I know I've used it 5 or 10 times myself and I'm far from alone....
Polypic (Forums)
Polypic (Forums) on Mon, 18 April 2011 10:10pm
awesome i like the look the render every thing i think if u were with us in tahrir here in egypt there was many of these dreamy scene great work
Eydi (Forums)
Eydi (Forums) on Mon, 18 April 2011 3:21pm
Wooow woow really an outstanding work!!!!!!
LemonW (Forums)
LemonW (Forums) on Mon, 18 April 2011 11:03am
Could you share the setting of the hair and lights for getting the correct shadow of the hair. the shadow of hair is a big trouble for me. thanks.
MaView (Forums)
MaView (Forums) on Sun, 17 April 2011 8:34pm
outstanding work!:lurve:Great concept and implementation! Not sure about the "old+sad" eyes, but imho!greetz!gunnar
Power3d (Forums)
Power3d (Forums) on Sun, 17 April 2011 7:15pm
wow .. didn't expect that :) .. great work for me the idea more greater .. love it
KrisKelly3D (Forums)
KrisKelly3D (Forums) on Sun, 17 April 2011 7:14pm
First of all, thanks for all the comments. I'm glad everyone liked the piece, it was a labor of love for me. I'll respond to comments soon, but I wanted to get a breakdown out for anyone who had any questions.BREAKDOWN --Z-Brush 4 was such a big part of the project, I'm so glad for all the innovations made in the newest version. I don't know how I would've gotten it done without it.For the face I used the Layers to make different displacement maps for the face itself, and for the paint the was on his face, all while using the same model.Face sculpt (Left), Sculpt for paint (Right)[IMG][/IMG]Spotlight made texturing the face so much easier, and let me focus on what really mattered. I used images from of a woman, because I wanted him to have soft skin.Polypaint[IMG][/IMG]I didn't realize what I was getting to with the scarf. I attempted it multiple times by trying maya cloth, building shapes and collision objects to make a starting point and it didn't work.[IMG][/IMG]In the end ZBrush 4 came to the rescue!!! Using the Move Topological Brush, and the Move TopoElastic Brush, I was able to start with a simple plane and sculpt into a shape of the scarf without stretch the geometry and screwing up the UVs. Awesome tool. Then I added more detail with Clay Buildup.[IMG][/IMG]Special thanks to Sewly, his custom cloth brushes work well for wrinkles, and I used them for the shirt. Heres a link to his brushes -[IMG][/IMG]Here is the mesh and wire.[IMG][/IMG]Here are the breakdown of the render layers. I had different setups for each layer of paint so the would have different textures in the end.[IMG][/IMG]If anyone has any other questions, I'll will be glad to field them.
Inveni0 (Forums)
Inveni0 (Forums) on Sun, 17 April 2011 1:32pm
THe skin is a little too smooth, but otherwise, this is really nice.
Psycho Mantis (Forums)
Psycho Mantis (Forums) on Sun, 17 April 2011 10:44am
ok, on the first look, it looks good an dall, but there are some things that need rework.his eyes - they have no expression, and they are symmetrical, also there is no liquid in them. the eyelashes look odd to me, like they are painted on the model. his right eye has a flaw in his lower eyelid - maybe an artefact in your texture.the hair doesnt look very realistic.his face is emotionless, and also in perfect symmetry. one would expect some movement or irregularities in someones face, who is out for revolutio.there is no sss or translucency. this makes the scarf look fake. it also looks very stiff, and not like some soft cloth, it should wrap and wrinkle in a different way.the skin has no sss - and therefore looks like ceramic in peach color. his ears are opaque, and so is the rest of his face.the skin also has no detail - no bumps, wrinkles, scrars, pores whatsoever. and since you forgot to add bump to the black color layer, it looks false.the red and white paint looks superb - did you sculpted it, took a photo, or painted it with some "rail paint simulation software" that adds thikness to the paint layers.the black paint on the other hand just looks flat and rushed. and as if it was applied to a perfect even surface. like a dolls face or something.fix that, and itll be perfect.
Leonheart (Forums)
Leonheart (Forums) on Sun, 17 April 2011 8:01am
WoowReally great Image hereAllow me to share it ??
Tarek3d (Forums) on Sun, 17 April 2011 12:43am
ooooooothat's amazin' buddyreally nice!!keep going
Bega (Forums) on Sat, 16 April 2011 9:05pm
Flawless victory.
Nader Nabil (Forums)
Nader Nabil (Forums) on Sat, 16 April 2011 4:01am
Amazing job dude :) .. and really nice concept render too is so nice .. liked it really.*****
NinthJake (Forums)
NinthJake (Forums) on Sat, 16 April 2011 12:12am
The red paint looks off to me somehow but wow, this is really amazing. The attention to detail is just INSANE, just look at the black paint that has been rubbed off on the scarf and everything.Top notch work man!
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