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Date Added: 19th March 2011
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http://www.vitrux3d.com (opens in new window)
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It is a robot designed for a Short Film. Made in Max, Detaided in ZBrush, Renderer with VRay and some touches in Photoshop
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Readers Comments
Fotology.dk (Forums)
Fotology.dk (Forums) on Thu, 05 January 2012 8:19pm
Amazing. Love the details
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Tue, 03 January 2012 6:05pm
[B]Joak3d, TheMonkeyKing, ansh0488,[/B] Thanks a lot guys! :dance:
Ansh0488 (Forums) on Tue, 03 January 2012 4:36pm
awesome work. very inspiring. and great details. both thumbs up.. :)
TheMonkeyKing (Forums)
TheMonkeyKing (Forums) on Tue, 03 January 2012 3:47pm
Nice concept, great model with amazing detail on the hires. Congrats!
Joak3d (Forums)
Joak3d (Forums) on Tue, 03 January 2012 1:26am
superb my friend, I love the details and the style of the robot, very diferent from the usual mech and futuristic robots,...Excelent! keep it coming!I would love to see some animation! would be fun to do :roll:Best!
Ricardo Malla on Mon, 02 January 2012 2:06am
Great Work Vitrux, keep it up brother
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Fri, 15 April 2011 5:08pm
Thanks AVF, Thanks a lot for your positive thought.
AVF on Sun, 03 April 2011 5:55pm
congratulations Vitrux,

wonderful design, i like the colours, shape, you can feel the equilibrium so easy.. it seems like everything was planned with attention to detail..

I hope I can see more of your designs in the upcoming years...

you are doing wonderful..

PS: hopefully we will se this robot in a hollywood success movie :)
Premium (Forums)
Premium (Forums) on Sat, 02 April 2011 10:51pm
Nice character.. love the style.. Low poly is ace ;)
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Sat, 02 April 2011 8:40pm
Hello Guys!Here is the Low Poly Version of VT-61 !This is the Low Poly rendered in VRay..[URL=http://img593.imageshack.us/i/vt6111.jpg/][IMG]http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/5844/vt6111.jpg[/IMG][/URL]And this.. is the Low Poly in Real Time.. [URL=http://img716.imageshack.us/i/vt6112.jpg/][IMG]http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/4120/vt6112.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL=http://img607.imageshack.us/i/vt6113.jpg/][IMG]http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/4561/vt6113.jpg[/IMG][/URL]Wire Render. [URL=http://img811.imageshack.us/i/vt6114.jpg/][IMG]http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/3888/vt6114.jpg[/IMG][/URL]Well, Finally, now its time to rig and animate him !! :dance:
Luis Felipe Paolini on Sat, 26 March 2011 12:08am
Great details, this is your best work!! congratulations to both of you
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Thu, 24 March 2011 9:19pm
SPF,Frank_Tzeng, uri so, Diego Incio, Angel, MoniWray, Enzo,Thank you very much to you all for your positives comment!.. Really appreciate the good energy:haha: and its always good to hear your feedback! Ty.dreamscape,Well, we are working very hard on the rest of the characters, environments, spaceships, etc... to start building the animation. We already have the Shortfilm on StoryBoard.:dance:
Enzo on Wed, 23 March 2011 8:40pm
Congratulations. Great Robot !!! Extremely sharp details and great illumination work. Someone should use it in a movie or game. Keep up the good work.
MoniWray (Forums)
MoniWray (Forums) on Tue, 22 March 2011 7:13pm
Really great work here! Love it! Thanks for sharing so many WIP images and insight to your workflow. I love looking at that stuff :)
Angel on Tue, 22 March 2011 1:53pm
Excellent work, its quality and content show the high level of expertise archieved
Diego InĂ¡cio on Sun, 20 March 2011 7:35pm
Very nice work. Congratz!
Dreamscape on Sun, 20 March 2011 1:55pm
very cool design and high class. I like how the detailing sells his believability. I´m curious about the short movie.
Uri So (Forums) on Sat, 19 March 2011 8:14am
I like the image. great job. :)
Frank_Tzeng (Forums)
Frank_Tzeng (Forums) on Sat, 12 March 2011 11:20pm
Great robot man, very nice modeling and rendering. :)
SPF (Forums) on Wed, 09 March 2011 4:50pm
Ihaven t seen a robot like this. It has a particular personality and the entire work is quite complex. Congratulation VITRUX.
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Wed, 09 March 2011 4:07pm
gfxengine, Elinewton, makman123..Thank you for your comments,! it is really important to know what you think about it and how you fell with him..We are working on the low poly model rigth now, so expect it soon. :dance:
Makman123 (Forums)
Makman123 (Forums) on Wed, 09 March 2011 2:57pm
I think you are mad with detailes ..... this is great model render texture this is woderfullKeep going
Elinewton (Forums)
Elinewton (Forums) on Wed, 09 March 2011 1:02pm
Very nice concept and render!!
Gfxengine (Forums)
Gfxengine (Forums) on Wed, 09 March 2011 4:12am
Looks great ^^ great job
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Tue, 08 March 2011 10:24pm
VRayGuide, Thank you so much for your comment, really apreciate it.He is a guardian.He had not been designed for a self sustaining fly. He only makes big driven jumps like a jetpack.About his torso, that part is full of energy, his center of power.Thanks, any other suggestion or comment are welcome.
VRayGuide (Forums)
VRayGuide (Forums) on Tue, 08 March 2011 5:30am
Looks stable and balanced..Textures looking good..however I rally can't understand the functionality..the character is not expressing it.Looks friendly but got weapons...and can fly...The legs taking too much of a balance and I would add small turbines for balancing the flight ..Also not sure about the torso...there is a part that comes out, it affect his movement..like bending and picking object...they basically will hit this front part...
Washka (Forums)
Washka (Forums) on Mon, 07 March 2011 7:06pm
Thanks for sharing your work, good stuff!
Himadri_sm (Forums)
Himadri_sm (Forums) on Mon, 07 March 2011 6:32pm
A bit different from the usual robots, mechs we see & i like that...the details are stunning...thanks a lot for the making of..
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Mon, 07 March 2011 5:47pm
Making of VT-61
Hello There! I think that could be great and useful to show you a little bit the making of VT-61.So here is, hope you like and enjoy it.- First of all I drew some sketches. (Like the one shown above)- When all the ideas were perfectly expressed i started to model a simple but very specific mesh in Max. I set every smoothing groups on polygons to export the pieces to ZBrush. (1)- The very useful new tool on ZBrush "Crease Smooth Group" allowed me to import the pieces without lossing the sharp edges when divide!.- Here the model start to come to life! I made details, (lines, screws, vents..) new shapes, and finally the scratches and damage. (2)- Well, after all these work on ZBrush, i Retopo the mesh. (3)Here are some examples of some pieces.[URL=http://img121.imageshack.us/i/torsoa.jpg/][IMG]http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/8985/torsoa.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL=http://img703.imageshack.us/i/brazobajo.jpg/][IMG]http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/182/brazobajo.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL=http://img691.imageshack.us/i/shieldc.jpg/][IMG]http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/2561/shieldc.jpg[/IMG][/URL]It is relevant to say that because the mesh had too many polygons, I had to work on each piece by separate and then decimate all of them to put them together and get some renders.Here are the alphas and brushes i used the most.[URL=http://img146.imageshack.us/i/bestfriendsu.jpg/][IMG]http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/8356/bestfriendsu.jpg[/IMG][/URL]- Well, with all done i just unwrapped the meshes and painted the diffuse map on Photoshop. I got the Normals, AO, HL and Specular maps previously from the decimated ones.- With all textures done, it just remains the last step! Rendering.These are the passes from VRay, and the final Render![URL=http://img716.imageshack.us/i/vraypasses.jpg/][IMG]http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/8663/vraypasses.jpg[/IMG][/URL]And... some final touches in photoshop for the finals renders.!So, Hope this were useful and pleasant to you all.Always apreciate your comments.:wave: Thanks for watch
AstroAJ (Forums)
AstroAJ (Forums) on Mon, 07 March 2011 9:10am
great stuff, like the details :)
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Sun, 06 March 2011 6:50pm
Thanks a lot! really appreciate your comments. . . i will post a making of soon.
NinthJake (Forums)
NinthJake (Forums) on Sun, 06 March 2011 10:52am
This is just insane!Great job man, I have no crits :)
JoeLaFrite007 (Forums)
JoeLaFrite007 (Forums) on Sun, 06 March 2011 8:32am
Sweet ! It's a bit different of all the other ones we can see !Great job !
Antor (Forums) on Sun, 06 March 2011 8:20am
Wow. Insane details.
Agwesh (Forums) on Sun, 06 March 2011 5:26am
Awesome !!
Vitrux (Forums)
Vitrux (Forums) on Sun, 06 March 2011 1:23am
Silok (Forums)
Silok (Forums) on Sun, 06 March 2011 1:15am
Awsome work. Great amount of details. Good job guys.
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VT-61 by Victoria Passariello/Eduardo Balestrini 700px X 1770px