Test Plugsuits

By ikedan

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Date Added: 23rd March 2010
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http://nipo1987.web.fc2.com/ (opens in new window)
I did the modeling in Maya and ZBrush.
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Readers Comments
Matthew on Wed, 09 March 2011 3:18am
Very nicely done! I love how you made the characters look very realistic and such an amazing style of anime! Good Job!
Evan on Tue, 21 December 2010 4:07am
that's what i like too see keeping it simple 2 programs and one dream love your work the texture & lights a nice blend
Rico on Sun, 01 August 2010 7:38pm
Both girls are from Neon Genesis Evangeloin Anime (wich is close to be a masterpiece). The blue one is Rei the red one is Asuka. I think it's always hard, to create an anime character in 3D, because the anime 2D art is totaly different from normal people. I like your work, it reminds me a bit to the 3D Final Fantasy characters.
Hussein Huwaidi on Sat, 24 July 2010 12:53pm
This model name is REI and she's a famous Japanese animation model.
Frank on Sun, 11 July 2010 5:05pm
Very nice looking model.
M_Cederstrom (Forums)
M_Cederstrom (Forums) on Wed, 24 March 2010 1:19pm
very cool. :D
Shadowseve (Forums) on Tue, 23 March 2010 9:15pm
nice job
While I'm not a fan of anime, I like these characters. Very well done. I love the soft glow of the skin.
Evak (Forums) on Tue, 23 March 2010 2:21pm
Helloim new in 3d!I want to know, with what is this rendered? I mean with the SSS Fast SKin Shade? And how i can make this "whiteglow" ? This white plasticglow what they have in the face? The skin.Working with max 2010, easymode;)
I_AM_DAVE_COX (Forums)
I_AM_DAVE_COX (Forums) on Tue, 23 March 2010 1:22pm
Now this is pretty awesome!
Josh_sg1 (Forums)
Josh_sg1 (Forums) on Tue, 23 March 2010 1:02pm
[QUOTE=ZenMan;779019]This is great...Im a big fan of Evangelion. Still watch the show now and then, and the evas are amazing. God I feel geeky right about now -___-[/QUOTE]The theme is "test " suits so the new ones were' n t designed Not really, I was 16 and wanted to make a fan film of it with Chroma Key and CG Art, it was great, had like 4 artist on the team, and china people makign suits for us hollywood style, we cancel the project due to funding and originality. We did not want to make the japan version we wanted to make a american version Area 52 lol and a new original idea on the concept except Evangelion we also mech and USA corporation were at war trying to make them The corporations would have tech contest and who could make the first mech won, then they could claim rights to the tech, and make a sport off of it, eventually making the size 10/100 the size and 1/1 scale prototypes which they sent to the military for a test That explains why the American style evangelion went into overload, they were mechanical, and the large mechs were powerful cept they do not work The film environment is like IGPX with Evangelion like Tech Teams with new world wide technology We intended to design a real sport with a evangelion like suit with air tubes and a circle and everything a all terrain design for real world purchase The project was scrapped, but this art inspires me to pay for 3d design of the project and concept now 5 yrs lata 2010 I am inspired to design the project and start it back up [ prol will not ]
Chunkymunky (Forums)
Chunkymunky (Forums) on Tue, 23 March 2010 12:57pm
Wow excellent stylised characters, love the glowing style bright render. How long did it take to model/sculpt?Love the materials and the texture work, hoe did you do the hair? Can we see clay and wireframes, love to see how you've modelled these excellent characters :)
Josh_sg1 (Forums)
Josh_sg1 (Forums) on Tue, 23 March 2010 12:53pm
AMAZING WORK Very impressed. The best 3d models ever made of the evangelion characters!Are you available for freelance work? Would like to pay you to make a model of that quality for us!
ZenMan (Forums)
ZenMan (Forums) on Tue, 23 March 2010 10:27am
This is great...Im a big fan of Evangelion. Still watch the show now and then, and the evas are amazing. Saying this, I have to crit on the characters here that they look like he same model. But with "copied" hair and clohes. I know its to save ime, but Rey Ayanami had a very specific look. Her had a lot more Blue, and the Outfit was not all silver/lightblue. But White and Black, Red, Dark Blue with the famous "00" at the front of her chest. Its a shame you didnt stick to both characters original suit design or character looks. These too look way too much like Final Fantasy to me. >___< [IMG]http://polyvinylcrush.com/wp-content/gallery/ReiAyanamiEvangelionKotobukiya/Rei%20Ayanami-Evangelion-Kotobukiya-6th-02.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://forums.ag.ru/files/Rei-Asuka.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/Rei_Ayanami-medicom-l.jpg[/IMG]God I feel geeky right about now -___-
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