Club house kitchenby Archviz.Studio
Club house kitchenby Archviz.Studio

The first floor of this house is a large open area with zoning. The whole area is decorated with warm shades of walls and wooden floor. The interior of the kitchen working area has dark facades. This allows to balance the large space of the room. The wall of the working area is accentuated with a symmetrical pattern.
In the center, you can see a large dining table with bright yellow chairs. This accent favorably sets off the muted colors of the interior. All areas of the kitchen zone are additionally illuminated
hanging chandeliers.
The rest of the room flows smoothly to the rest areas with chairs and coffee table. There is a place for a fireplace, which creates a cozy and warm environment in the house. In addition, the hall is lit by large panoramic windows, which offer a beautiful view of the landscape.

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