Pursuing of lightby mohsen hashemi

the story behind this artwork came through my desire, my passion, my challenges in life, and my endurance.
in the majority of human life, we are all well-suited people respecting everything amoung Us, pursuing the light to make a better future for the next generation. being loyal and keep our sacred commitment to our lover, family, and friends, but deep inside we are in a big dessert of misunderstanding from who we are loyal to, Ignorance from who we care most, cheat from who we are in a commitment.
we smile behind the mask and cry in loneliness. we fail in our goals meanwhile we try to guide others.
we are sad, broken, and lonely while we keep our social media colorful. and finally, we live our fool's life. and we believe it's beautiful.
we still pursuing the light which leads us to the black hole.
and finally, it's beautiful.

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