Character based on guitarby Irene Roldan
Character based on guitarby Irene Roldan

I would like to share my latest cartoon project.

I have choosen as reference Magdalina Dianova's charcter concept. ( https://www.artstation.c... ). I love her illustrations.

I was looking to make a beautiful character with low poly, and I wanted to put into action my skills to get the best result I was looking for it

I have worked the project with zbrush, maya autodesk, topogun, substance painter, marvelous designer, xgen and arnold.

At the beginning I sculpted the initial forms with zbrush, before I realiced the topology with topogun and I got the UVs with Maya. And I retoured to zbrush to give it the final look.

Later I did a quick rigg for the final pose in Maya at the same time that I worked in substance painter the textures. When the pose of the character look liked ok, I decided to work the shirt and the cardigan with marvelous. One time it was looking so I worked the hair with Xgen.

Finally I rendered it with Arnold Render in Maya Autodesk.

I hope you like it.

Thank you

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