Lady van Reuzel likes it roughby filda

So, brother... You want to hear about me and the dutchess? Lady van Reuzel liked it rough. No, really - there was nothing romantic to her sexuality, nothing loveful. She liked to be slapped, bit and kicked. She loved to have to fight back. She needed that thrill that people only get when fighting for their life. I mean, I'm a pretty tough guy, I fought in the Continental war, I even survived the assault on Hibra, but... Well, one day the let's-play-naughty thing just wasn't enough for her and she said she'd like to have some of the Damned join us. Luckily I was smart enough to get out of the city in time. Lady von Reuzel didn't try to get out. First - she belived in her magic skills. And second - she just enjoyed this kind of entertainment. Hell knows if she even made it out of there... Women, right?

Staff pick for 24th February 2012

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