Untitledby Frank A. Rivera

This character is no clown, he strikes fast and with no mercy.
For a mortal his magic is powerful, he materializes in the shadow of his victim and strikes with his scepter but not before looking his victim in the eyes with a cold stare and evil grin.This isn't a finished image just a quick render with no touch ups. I have a smearing problem around the neck and a lazy eye I need to address when manipulating the characters bones and facial features.

Frank is a 36 year old software engineer working in the pulp and paper industry with a love for CG.
His work has been published in many CG trade magazines, software product packaging, video card packaging and books (including his latest Inside trueSpace4 for New Riders). Frank can be spotted demoing 3D software at SIGGRAPH and hopes to see his name in film credits someday. You can see more of Frank's work on his web site.

Behind The Scenes: The head was modeled and rendered in Hash Animation Master on a quad 400mhz Xeon ALR workhorse. One rendered frame of 'Asylum Patient' took three hours.
Frank created a character sheet before any modeling work was started and prefers to use his actual sketches as reference material instead of scanning them in and tracing over a digital image (rotoscope). The textures used in the image were created in Photoshop using color splotches smudged together in a technique similar to working with pastels. The modeling task was a lot of fun for Frank especially since Frank prefers to model with Splines whenever possible. The modeling started with a single Spline that defined the characters brow. From there Frank modeled the eye sockets and eye lids, cheekbones and mouth. When he was satisfied with the preliminary modeling he started to work on the textures needed then later returned to modeling the ears and the back of the character's head.

Copyright 1999

Staff pick for 20th February 2002

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