Squirt the turtleby Mariano Tazzioli

Hi ! My name is Mariano Tazzioli and I'm a 19 year old character artist based in Barcelona,Spain. I have been always since a child fascinated by animation and its beauty , especially the Pixar and Disney beauty. Since I saw Disney Pixar's Up in 2009 in a little cinema in Buenos Aires ,Argentina (wich is where I am from) I decided that I wanted to work for Pixar or Disney , and since then I'm following that Dream that gives me the passion and inspiration that I have every day when doing artwork like this one. This piece is Called Squirt the turtle because I based this image into squirt the little turtle from finding Nemo and then I putted into a background inspired by the Lava short from Pixar too. During all this years I've been following lots of artist but there are 2 artist in particular that are my true heros and inspire me every day which are : Jeremy vickery and Aaron Blaise two truly genius that everything they touch they make it beautiful and pleasant tot he eye. If you don't know them you should check them out because they are amazing and I learn tons only watching they artworks. So I wanted to create a very colorfull artwork with a very nice and warm lighting . With that I mind I started doing the model in Zbrush from a sphere and then I did the lighting and shading in Maya with Vray , and the compositing part in After effects , and photoshop. So hope you like my work, you can see more in my portafolio or in my demoreel : portafolio : https://www.artstation.com/artist/mtazzioli96 demoreel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q44moq7RKwE thank you so much , and don't hesitate in contact me for any question , idea , or suggestion .

Staff pick for 15th September 2015

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