Untitledby Jorge Adorni

Made with maya 5.0, polygon model with smooth proxy, rendered with mental ray with Final Gather + HDR image to light the scene (and some
directionals lights too). Photoshop used to correct the levels and some colors. Completion time: 5 days aprox. About the Author: I?m from argentina, 19 years old. I have been using 3d
programs since I was 11. I used for a while 3d Studio for DOS, then Infine-D 4.0 for a year, light_wave 5.5 & 6 for 2 years, cinema 4D XL 6 & 7 for 3 years, and finally Maya Complete for mac 4 & 5 for almost 2 years. Currently in third year of graphic design in the university. Hardware: G4 733, ram 1.5 Gb, gForce 2 32 mb, sony dsc 717 (5 megapixels).

Staff pick for 22nd April 2004

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