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Hi, this is a view of Pearl Harbor in Sun Day Morning.. I used 3ds Max and rendered with Mentalray, 3.5k res, it took 7 hours rendering + and 2 hours for calculating FG/GI + about 2 hours for simulating and rendering smoke, fire and some fog with fumefx. It is very fast for my old personal computer. :) post with Photoshop, painting some spume, fog, waterfall. And adding some effects.

The lovely sky was photographed by talented artist, Ken Simm. Feel free to visit his photography artwork at www.kenart.co.uk
And also credit to Brendan Mccaffrey for sharing his material and some technique. Thank you brother.

This scene is full of simple model, im not a real military modeller so it is just a simple plane that I saw in the image and trapping reference model in the movie.

Staff pick for 26th September 2007

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