Old Gokuby Aitor Regidor

Like every Dragon Ball fan, I needed to model a character of this series in 3D. I was looking for some concept arts on the internet and found an Old version of Goku, by Bogdan Tauciuc.

This project I used to develop my skills on Maya and Arnold, to learn to do textures about the character with different UV tiles and to use XGen.

First, I began modelling the body of an old man with a very developed anatomy using images about body builders as references like Andreas Cahling, Helmut Strebl or Sylvestre Stalone. For the clothes I based on samurai kimonos and suits that it can find in “Moros y Cristianos” in Castalla. The face of the concept remembers me a lot to the face of Philippe Dumas, who I used to create a more realistic version.

For the textures I tried to separate the model in 13 UV tiles and used Mari to create the different textures. In all the model I used the technic of texture projection, but in the face I couldn’t do this because I haven’t enough images of Dumas for project from different looks, for that reason I studied the temperature in the different areas of the face, add different kinds of skin textures and baked textures like Cavity, DM, AO…

When I finished to pose it, I began with the Grooming stage. For the face, eyebrows, eyelash and some clothes I used XGen Interactive Groom Editor, while for the hair and the ropes of the sash I used XGen Description with Shaping Guides.

Finally, I retouched my final render increase the light and shadow contrast and mixing some render passes.

I hope you like it and, like everytime, every feedback is welcome.

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