The Wandererby Sarah Dahlinger

The Wanderer is an Ardeidane.

The Ardeidanes are a peaceful people who usually make their homes in marshes and along river ways. They live in small communities of about ten families, and both males and females are encouraged to roam between settlements. This creates a remarkably tight network of bonds - both family and friends, and allows for the flow of information and genes.

They regularly take long, meandering walks to gather food - mostly plant-based. They do eat meat on occasion but tend to leave the “hunting” to their various fish traps with they make out of reeds.

Since their heads are so far from their hands, a popular competition is making the fish traps blind folded. As a species, they've learned to do an astounding number of simply to moderately complex tasks without having to look at the objects in their hands - revealing an incredible visual memory.

Their home is very humid and they have a salamander-like skin - possibly to help keep them hydrated during their strolls. However, their favorite and often only item of clothing is an umbrella like structure constructed from a wooden frame and palm leaves. By carrying their shade with them, they can explore more easily, and more leisurely. Of course, there’s always water close by and a midday swim to cool off is common.

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